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Who drew the first image and who was the first one trying to express their
own feelings by means of a primitive instrument? Why did our ancestors try
to catch a glimpse of nature and life by depicting it onto a wall or in a tune they
played? We might never be sure about it, but we can assume they were driven
by an inner wish to be closely connected, united with nature.

No matter if through creating a cave drawing or a pipe of bone, the fact is
man’s inborn wish is to express feelings, dreams or frustrations. But inside every
human being there is also a wish to survive, and that is why the prehistoric
paintings depict hunting, fight for food, fight for life. Only later on nature was
depicted as something beautiful and worth admiring. Since the beginning,
man has been a warrior, and in some way, art has been used as a tool in the
fight for survival.

Through the window of my soul I am trying to find the antique language of
the warriors of light, which creates noble beauty from the heart and its spiritual
depths. Of old, man fights for survival, food, home, love, family and social status.
In the past the knife, the arrow, the sword – the weapons with a blade - were
the means to achieve these goals.

Today we fight with words to achieve these same goals. The word can make us happy, but it has also the power to hurt us and cause pain. Today some of us do not realize that all of us are warriors of light and the word.


The space without sculpture is body without soul!